In 2017 I discovered and developed a new ink technique using chemically reactant inks.
I found I could "build" landscapes in a puddle on a piece of paper. 

The chemical inks that are built into mountains, valleys, oceans, and rivers, dissolve,
leaving only a shell of the painting that once was.
In order to pause time, I use my photography experience of 10+ years, 
to capture the moment as it truly was,
and create these prints that can become a part of your home.

Each print is a moment in time; a reminder of the incredible beauty every little moment can be. 
It's worth keeping your eyes open, it's worth pursuing. 
It's worth cherishing, framing, and hanging on a wall.
Because this breath-taking, fragile, temporary life? 

It's all of ours, it's ours to share.


stats + gallery



In 2017 this method was utilized to create aerial-inspired abstracts,
as well as detailed and accurate topography maps of regions, states, and planetary bodies. 

  • Over 10 commissioned works were completed for clients throughout the US, as well as Italy and Australia.
  • Through the funding of two Kickstarter campaigns (Ink the States and Ink the Earth) over 81 paintings were completed, shipping an estimated 2,000 prints to over 25 countries world-wide.
  • In addition to these categories, I painted nearly 15 abstracts and agates throughout the year.
  • Two of these abstracts won 1st place in both art shows for which they were submitted.

In order to streamline studio processes, and keep this website fresh,
the 100+ ink paintings from 2017 are now only available in my print shop through Etsy:

Here are a handful of the 100+ total pieces I created in 2017:

united states mosaic

Individual topography paintings of all 50 states, created for
"Ink the States."

World atlas

"Ink the States"
Kickstarter Campaign

inked protea



Created for gallery collectors, "Overcome" is not available for purchase online, but is currently on display in Winter Park, FL

First Place winner
in Mixed Media.

North America facet

"Ink the earth"
Kickstarter Campaign

solar eclipse

The most popular painting of 2017.






Arctic seas


Individual planets painted during "Ink the earth."


This poster was created for "Ink the Planets."

Agate island

Sunken city

First place winner overall.

Australian opal

Private Commission

milky way galaxy

The most purchased painting of 2017.

For all of these and more, head over to the print shop: