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This technique I've created is the perfect marriage of my love of nature, and my skills as a photographer and artist. I've found I can create miniature worlds, or recreate the natural topography of the land in gemstone color -- the way the light glistens off the rivers, highlights the mountain peaks, and fills the valleys. 
It is absolutely awe-inspiring to me that these miniature worlds are sitting in a puddle on a piece of paper. The chemical reaction that creates the beauty, also eventually dissolves it. In essence, I plant a seed, let the rose open to full bloom, and capture it in its full beauty. But the rose keeps on living after it's been photographed, and it dies. The print of that image has no original except the pile of dried petals that grace the ground where it stood.β €
I believe the temporary nature of life is what makes it so beautiful. This exact moment will never exist again. Every time we leave home and come back, we come back to a different place because we will never again be the same people we are in this moment. In the same way, these pieces of paper can never be the same as they were that day, when they held a brilliant, crystalline beauty. I keep them all in a drawer as proof of what was, and a reminder of what can be. β €
If you have one of my prints, you have a moment in time; a reminder of the incredible beauty every little moment can be. It's worth keeping your eyes open, it's worth pursuing, it's worth cherishing, framing, and hanging on a wall. Because this breath-taking, fragile, temporary life? It's all of ours, it's ours to share.

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