have you been inspired to have something created specifically for you?

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I believe having art that speaks directly to you (because it was made specifically for you!) is one of the clearest, and sweetest, ways to make a house a home. I absolutely love the challenge and joy that comes with creating a piece for someone based off their story, vision, and dreams. When you commission a piece from me, we become a team, brainstorming and workshopping until I have captured your vision and bring it to fruition. This in-depth, one-on-one format means each commission will be unique, and pricing will vary from project-to-project. 

I've developed these fun, creative questions that will help both of us understand your vision, and what the overall process will look like. Fill out as many of the questions as you can, to the best of your ability. I definitely don't expect you to have all of these answers worked out, but processing through this form should help you get a better handle on what you're looking for, and how I can make it come into being!

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Have you commissioned artwork before?
From me, or from someone else?
Living room, a gallery wall, bathroom, office? Each of these locations will have different needs.
Overall, what do you want this piece to bring to the location, and the viewers?
Share that here!
As I explore many mediums, its important for me to know if you have a specific one in mind.
Teeny tiny, super-huge, somewhere in between? If you have specific dimensions, you can share that here too!
Ones I've done, or maybe one from another artist? If mine, be sure to include it's title if you can. And if it's someone else's work, a link would be helpful for me to reference.
Shoot me any other details, ideas, or anecdotes that would help me capture your vision!