Commissioned pieces 

What you need to know

Are you ready to have something created specifically for you?
Once you read through this page, and soak up inspiration from the photos below, you will be prepared to create something new with me!

  1. Read through this timeline to get an idea of the overall process, and then check the photos below of past commissioned pieces I have done. They might help inspire you and solidify your vision.
  2. In the form below, type up your idea, including your overall vision for the piece.
    • If you're requesting the topography of a new country or province, let me know if you want it done in realistic colors, or a unique palette.
    • If you're requesting an abstract piece, or otherwise, include at least one descriptive word for the emotion you want in the piece.
    • If you know the size/ratio you want, put that in there too!

  3. Send that off to me, and you will get a response back within 48 hours, during which I will research, and brainstorm how to make your vision come to life. I charge an upfront fee for custom orders that ranges from $100-200, depending on degree of difficulty, time-involvement, and necessary supplies. Once I've gotten a handle on your vision, we will discuss cost and timeframe for completion.
  4. If you agree to the amount, I will provide you a way to pay that specific commission fee. Once your payment has gone through, your painting will officially be added to my queue. Your payment secures your spot in line. 
  5. I will keep you updated on the process every step of the way. If during this process you feel like we are not going in the correct direction, or it is not feasible to create the image you have in your head, you may be eligible for a 50% refund of the commission fee. This is something we can discuss at that time.
  6. Once I have created your piece and you agree that it is absolutely perfect, I will send you an invoice for the purchase of your item.
  7. Lastly, I ship, and you receive it, cry happy tears, and cherish it on your wall for generations to come. That is my hope and aim!

So, tell me all about your idea, and let's chat! If you have any questions or confusions, send me those too!
I'm happy to help because I love creating together with my clients.

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