What a year!

This year, my second in business, has been a whirlwind in the best way possible.
I tried many new things, stretched myself beyond my comfort zone,
and found incredible beauty there.


the fun numbers:

Nearly 300 art purchases from collectors far and wide
Shipping art to over 39 states and 7 countries
(Virginia, texas, colorado, and california had the most collectors this year.)

  • 3 new stockists/wholesale locations

  • 2 gallery showings

  • 2 art shows

  • 6 live demonstrations

  • 1 music video Collaboration (WHAT!)

  • numerous commissions for wonderful clients

    (3 of which were tattoos!)

the highlights:

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.43.30 PM.png

Not one, but two, collections of originals

One of my key goals for this year was to allow myself to explore, try new things, and play with new mediums. In March of this year I launched my first collection of acrylic and resin originals,
the Arctic Collection. It was this exhibition that got me to rebrand as a multiple media explorer.

In May I launched the Verdant Collection, inspired by the coming explosion of spring. This process was very therapeutic for me, and brought new understanding about my favorite elements of being an artist. It also strengthened my eye for composition, which made my work better across all mediums.

Working in acrylic works very well for me through the winter months, with it’s slow, contemplative layers, and needed patience. I expect to return to this medium again in winter of 2019.
Resin, not so much.



A public return to inks

As I transitioned back to inks, after my brief hiatus with acrylics, I entered the world of live art demonstrations. Starting at Treehouse Collaborative (new friends from this year!) and the Taubman Museum of Art with acrylics, I then began doing demos all over the area in inks, from retail locations to the Salem Museum. These live demos made way for more wholesale, retail, and local stockists as well! (4 new ones this year!)

I didn’t know then, but becoming comfortable doing my ink work in front of a crowd was preparing for me for one of the biggest highlights of the year.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.57.47 PM.png


Sleeping at Last Collaboration

Just recounting this still gives me chills.
As I began pouring myself back into my ink practice in June/July, I was cranking out new pieces almost every day. and was listening to Sleeping at Last’s music the whole time. One day, Ryan sent me a message on Instagram, and I about passed out.
About a month later I was walking into a recording studio in Chicago to create the music video for the song “Four.” When it finally released in September, I was blown away by the support from amazing new collectors and Insta-family. It still feels a bit surreal.
To watch the music video collab (which has over 80K views!) go here.



A new technique and new product line

Going back to my roots in photography (10 years in business before becoming an artist) I was thrilled to discover the immaculate —and fun!— artwork I could make with double exposures of ink paintings I had already done. It was therapeutic and absolutely mesmerizing. I loved being able to overlay each piece’s individual story to create a vaster, deeper one. Like one a singular cappella voice being surrounded by the voices of a mighty choir. Chills.

As we approached the holiday season, I realized these pieces were PERFECT
for textiles and home goods — thus my first line of pillows was born!
And how dreamy!



Commissions and tattoos

This year, in addition to exploration, collaborations, and new product lines, I kept on with one of my favorite studio practices — commissions! Working with a collector, hearing their vision, and walking alongside them as we bring it into reality — it is simply my favorite!

And you collectors keep inspiring me to try new things, push the boundaries a little further each time. This year, that meant TATTOOS. That’s right, three tattoos were commissioned this year. My art, permanently on my amazing collectors. Honored, thrilled, beyond humbled. You guys make this art gig simply amazing.




And last but not least, a fan-favorite returned for its second year debut. I started working with Eddy Efaw in late summer to get all of the blanks needed for ornaments this year. And even with getting TWICE as many as last year, they were all sold out within 24 hours!

Seeing these puddle stains and decay of daydreams past becoming a cherished treasure and tradition in your holiday season was the absolute best way for me to close out the year.
If you snagged one, you hold the actual remnants of moments past.
How beautiful.



These were just a handful of the highlights from this year.

I am continually amazed that I get to do this — for all of you and with all of you. And although this was a year for the books, I’m reminding myself that more beauty lies ahead of us than any we leave behind.
And if I get to keep doing this with you, I certainly believe that.

onward and upward, friends!