Ink the Earth

Kickstarter Campaign, August 25th - September 15th


Our Pale Blue Dot

We are launching a campaign as a part of Kickstarter's Projects of Earth, that commemorate the 40th anniversary of Voyager's launch. When Voyager reached the edge of the solar system, NASA asked it to turn around and snap a photo of earth. From 3.7 billion miles away, the 640,000 pixel image took 5 and a half hours traveling at the speed of light to return to earth. Out of the thousands of pixels, the earth, hidden in the middle of the frame, suspended in a sunbeam reflection, took up 0.12 pixels: a pale blue dot in the vast expanse of space. 

Yet, on this pale blue dot, the beauty of every human breath escaped, every heartbeat pounded in our chests, every tear slid over our eyelids, and every smile passed our lips. On this pale blue dot -- our pale blue dot -- life is lived, stories told, music sung, and art is made. How great the honor, to live and move and have our being, making what could seem an insignificant dot on a page, the greatest stories ever told.

This project's goal, its heartbeat, is to bring a reminder of your significance, and the significance of all of our lives, into gemstone colors in puddles on paper, and then into art in your homes. The art we choose for our homes, the space we save on our walls for it, has incredible voice into our lives -- as reminders, memories, goals, and dreams. I want to create art through this project that is both introspective and extrospective; art that draws your eyes up to the horizons and the stars --that speaks of your smallness in this vast expanse -- and then it draws your thoughts inward to your heartbeat in your chest and the light behind your eyes that speaks of your worth and the value of your story -- that you fill a void in a world that would be less without your voice.

What will your support fund?

This project is to fund the creation of a circular collection of art focusing on each facet of our Earth. Using the ink painting technique I have created (that has taken off due to the success of our last Kickstarter campaign, Ink the States) I'll draw attention to the natural topography and landscape, in gemstone colors, under swirling skies. This artwork, set on black starry backdrops, will be striking decor in your spaces, showcasing your home and your dreams in your facet of this world.

The money raised in this campaign will provide for supplies needed to paint these, as well as the printing fees to make them accessible to you all. Additional funds will go towards creating a studio space in our new home for the continuation of my business.

Would you like to join in and make this dream become a reality?

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