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The Enneagram is an incredible tool for growth-focused
and grace-based personal and community development.
When truly understood and utilized properly,
it can bring genuine and lasting changes
to your life and relationships.

Most of you know me as an artist and teacher, but did you know my degree is in the mental health and counseling field? Even while running my art business full-time, this has continued to be a priority for me. For over a decade I have met with fellow humans, delving deep into their lives and the issues they faced, and gave them actionable steps to uncover the path on from there. My favorite memories are sitting with someone over a cup of coffee as they had aha-moments that gave them hope, courage, or changed their direction and focus.

When I discovered the Enneagram, and consequently studied it in depth, I knew that this was what I had been looking for. My latest project, using my art to create tangible, metaphorical maps for each type, allowed me to dabble in this world. Using both my art, and my coaching background, I had hundreds of conversations with folks of all types and walks of life. Those who knew their Enneagram number, and those who didn’t. Those who felt encouraged in their current growth phase, and those who felt overwhelmed and lost.

These conversations led to so much growth and enCOURAGEment, and it was by far my favorite part of the project. Now that this phase is wrapped up, I want to keep diving into the community, using the Enneagram to help individuals, relationships, and businesses thrive.

To do this I have done even MORE research, enrolled in training and licensing courses, and gone to the International Enneagram Conference to learn from the leading experts in this field. Equipped with this knowledge, and my deep passion to see freedom, growth, and grace in the lives of fellow humans, I am launching two opportunities for YOU to learn more about the Enneagram, and dive into how this tool can help you discover who you were made to be, and live abundantly.


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I am excited to offer one-on-one coaching sessions! I cannot wait to discuss more with you, diving into your human experience and how it can be a beautiful thing. For now, I am offering two types of sessions:

Typing Session

Want to discover your enneagram type, what that means, and find your unique journey to growth? This is for you!
[1 hour video call - $55 for a limited Time]

introductory session

know your type but want to learn more about the Enneagram and what growth looks like for you? This is for you!
[1 hour video call - $70 for a limited time]


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