behind the art:


And in case you wanted to study them, and didn't get enough time in the video, here are those sketches!

Paper.ENNEAGRAM.4 2.png


And here are those sketches, for any interested parties who want to read my notes!

And with all this I just want to give a huge hug to all of you Twos. You have been so helpful and supportive throughout this whole process. I know a bunch of you struggled with seeing your journey's painted visually, and you each found yourselves at different stages in it! But I truly hope that you can feel the encouragement and hope of what lies ahead -- of the loveliness you are and of the abundant life you bring to those around you! You truly are nourishing and life-giving, and the world would be a much harsher place without you in it.

Thank you for your presence, time, and love. I hope you can give yourself the permission to breathe deeply, to be filled, and to be loved wherever you find yourself.


I'd love to hear from all of you Twos! How did the painting resonate with you? What first drew your eye when you saw it? Now that you've heard the planning and inspiration, what part is your favorite?

If you aren't a Two, how does the painting help you see their path, and know how to love and walk with them as they travel it?


Thank you all for being here! 

I'm honored and privileged to do this project with and for humans like you!

Blessed by your presence,