behind the art:


And in case you wanted to study them, and didn't get enough time in the video, here are those sketches!



And THAT, dear friends, was the longest installment yet! 

Most things were said in the video, but I just wanted to say thank you to you Sixes! I thought I was crazy for painting CANYONS (something that scare me a bit) for a type that has such a strong relationship with fear! But you all have been so encouraging, and truly jumped into the painting -- finding yourselves in it. Thank you! I took on a taste of your anxieties when I made this paintings, and you all made me brave. Thank you for everything you bring to this world. We need YOU!

As a One with an inner critic who whispers constantly in my ears, I can recognize, respect, and feel in my bones the pressure of this cacophony of voices. Oh Sixes, oh that you would know that you hold a voice as well, and you are capable of finding the way. Every day you show up, you keep loving, you keep pursuing others— this is courage. Pursue your voice as well— you’ll find your way, dear friends. And when those voices quiet in that oasis you’ve made, you gift us your hard-fought, hard-won courage.


A great thing about these paintings is that they can be read and experienced in different ways! So, I’d love to hear from you, Sixes! How does this painting resonate with you, and your journey and process toward health? How do you find yourself in it? What parts hurt to look at and what gives you hope?

If you aren’t a Six, but love one, how does this painting give you empathy for their path as you walk alongside them?


Thank you all for being here, and for trusting me as I translated your types. 

I'm honored and privileged to do this project with and for humans like you!

Your hard fought, hard won bravery makes me brave too,