behind the art:


And in case you wanted to study them, and didn't get enough time in the video, here are those sketches!



My goal was to keep these videos between 60-90 seconds --- pfft. Blew past that. But I still felt like I didn't get to say it all!

When I started this project, I painted two paintings at the same time/same session. This is the second one of those two. With the first I sketched it out, but then I just let it happen, and watched how the water in the oasis reacted with the land. I observed that the water didn't only flow down from the streams, but it also flowed up from the edge -- the edge that leads into SEVEN, the One's integration direction! I realized how true this is -- it is both the growth and serenity we earn from that craggy mountain AND the hope and relaxed fun of Seven which calls to us. It is both of these things that creates the softened, life-giving landscape we can grow into and give to others. I thought this was absolutely perfect, so for the second painting (this one) I just leaned into it and let it happen. Yay for science, gravity, and chemical reactions paralleling our paths to growth!!

Now the best thing about these paintings is that there are many ways to interpret them -- and I'd love to hear from you fellow Ones! Did you read another story into this painting when you saw it? How did it speak to you?

I'm honored and privileged to do this project with and for humans like you!

And for you Type Ones, I hope you can lean into the peace of that right side. I hope you can hear the gentle lapping of waves and the trickling of the streams that create them. You are lovely. You are GOOD, and you're making this world better by being here.

Your sister in all of this,