behind the art:


And in case you wanted to study them, and didn't get enough time in the video, here are those sketches!



We're here! The Ninth and final painting of the Enneagram, and what a beautiful one to end on! Inspired by the black sand beaches of Iceland and Hawaii, this is one of the only landscapes that doesn't change from left to right -- but its ability to be seen does! It's the last piece in the Anger triad, and I remember sitting on the front porch trying to figure out how volcanoes fit into the Nine landscape. Are Nines even angry? (Hah!) And my wise friend said, “You’ve forgotten one of the most powerful volcanoes — underwater ones!” This clicked the whole thing into place. An underwater volcano; anger suppressed and cooled, the steam rising from it shrouds the landscape of the Nine — making it hard for others to know them and for them to know themselves. This is what we mean when we say Nines are asleep — asleep to themselves and their anger. Unaware, and keeping everything under the surface to not rock the boat — whether intentionally or not!
As the steam dissipates the Nine, and the rest of us, can see the incredible biodiversity they are! And that volcano? Not gone, not defeated, but used for good. Those veins of lava under the ocean’s surface are creating new islands, making space for more growth and abundant life now that it can be seen in clarity!

This was the only painting I did that didn't have a Sleeping at Last song during its creation. The Nine song was released one week into the start of this campaign, and I wept and wept when I listened to it. You can hear it here.

"A little at a time
I feel more alive
I let the scale tip and feel all of it
It's uncomfortable but right

We were born to try
To see each other through
To know and love ourselves and others well
Is the most difficult and meaningful
Work we'll ever do."

When you awaken, you awaken parts of our hearts too. Parts we didn't know we could value. Thank you!


A great thing about these paintings is that they can be read and experienced in different ways! So, I’d love to hear from you, Nines! How does this painting resonate with you, and your journey and process toward health? How do you find yourself in it? What parts hurt to look at and what gives you hope?

If you aren’t a Nine, but love one, how does this painting give you empathy for their path as you walk alongside them?


Thank you all for being here, and for trusting me as I translated your types. 

I'm honored and privileged to do this project with and for humans like you!

Thank you, Nines, for putting in the work, for showing up, for fighting gravity. You truly are a gift to this world, to all of us, and I'm so thrilled you're here.

- Kyra