behind the art:


And in case you wanted to study them, and didn't get enough time in the video, here are those sketches!



"And now I want to generously lose this energy that I've been hanging onto so desperately
I finally feel the universe expand—
It's hidden in heartbeats, exhales, and in the hope of open hands."

- Sleeping at Last, "Five"

Five was another painting where I had the idea early, but it took me until the very end to hone it down and confirm it. I painted it twice on the same day, and felt uncertain I had explored all of the best possibilities (I took on traits of each type during their painting process -- hah!). I shared the painting with my review group, who confirmed it loudly with cheers and applause. It's similar in style to my typical ink paintings, but in bolder and more primary colors -- which made me uncomfortable yet I KNEW was the right way to go. And you agreed with me as well!

“The soothing blues and greens, and the islands represent how fives like to take time to themselves to rest and recharge. The mainland is visible to the islands, which is a reminder to fives that there is richness in connecting with others.” - Amy

“The first thing I noticed was the depth. The mysteries hidden in those depths and wanting to find out what all is there, to know every inch... The lighter water catches my eye, the one that connects it to the shoreline, to people, community. That part actually scares me a little bit, if I’m being honest. But the way it connects, it’s beautiful, and I see that it’s beautiful and I want to be a part of it too.” - @ljardin 

“My painting mapped what I often deeply feel as a Five, always exploring, learning, gathering, but to the point of disconnecting from people. As I've grown, I also connect with the right side, desiring to be fully present and emotionally ready to stand up for those I love.” - @breezytulip 

“A person I never met.. who lives across the country. Painted a picture of my soul.” - @renameadowsart

I hope that this painting speaks to the depth and wonder you have and create. You make this world a richer, and deeper place, and we love when you pull us into the depth with you -- to marvel at the things you've found, and to marvel at their finder. 


A great thing about these paintings is that they can be read and experienced in different ways! So, I’d love to hear from you, Fives! How does this painting resonate with you, and your journey and process toward health? How do you find yourself in it? What parts hurt to look at and what gives you hope?

If you aren’t a Five, but love one, how does this painting give you empathy for their path as you walk alongside them?


Thank you all for being here, and for trusting me as I translated your types. 

I'm honored and privileged to do this project with and for humans like you!

Thank you for sharing your wonder and insights with us. We need you!