My Story

How it all began

I'm a lover of nature first, fascinated by the tiniest details of microscopic mossy kingdoms, and by the twists and turns of the landscape from above. This love pushed me towards photography, which I have done for over 10 years. I loved capturing moments in time and light that would never exist again. When I rediscovered watercolor 5 years ago, it stuck with me. I found I was working alongside the medium; watercolor and I were a creative team. If I bossed it around or tried to control it, it would get stubborn and not look at all like how I wanted. But if I respected it's opinion, learned it's property and functions, and invited it into the creative process, beautiful things were in store.

This technique I've created is the perfect marriage of my love of nature, and my skills as a photographer and artist. As I played with the paints and inks, I found that I could create miniature worlds, or recreate the natural topography of the land in gemstone color. I may not be able to get in a spaceship and photograph Virginia from above, but I could "build" Virginia on my piece of paper, and photograph that; the way the light glistens off the rivers, highlights the mountain peaks and fills the valleys. 

This medium has now worked its way into my blood and is a part of who I am. And the fact that you all love it too? That's just an incredible gift.