about the art + Artist

Kyra is on the forefront of creating an entirely new art medium. Highly inspired by aerial photography, the natural movement of the earth, and organic, crystalline textures, she has found a way to create miniature worlds, or recreate the natural topography of the land in gemstone color. 
These worlds Kyra builds are sitting in a puddle on a piece of paper. The chemical reaction she uses to create the beauty, also eventually dissolves it. In essence, she plants a seed, lets the rose open to full bloom, and captures it in its full beauty. But the rose keeps on living after it's been photographed, and it dies. The prints of her artwork have no original except the pile of dried petals that grace the ground where it stood.⠀ 
If you have one of Kyra's prints, you have a moment in time; a reminder of the incredible beauty every little moment can be. It's worth keeping your eyes open, it's worth pursuing. It's worth cherishing, framing, and hanging on a wall.
Because this breath-taking, fragile, temporary life? It's all of ours, it's ours to share.

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